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The Distal Chip Mobile FEES System Designed for SLPs

The ATMOS FEES Fly, the complete mobile FEES solution built for SLPs

A Revolutionary Ergonomic Portable Solution for Swallowing Studies

The ATMOS FEES Fly was engineered specifically for Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs), featuring a comfortable handle, unparalleled portability, and high-resolution image quality. This unique system is a fully comprehensive solution for Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) exams.


The ATMOS FEES Fly was built around the ATMOS Scope – a revolutionary development in endoscopic imaging. This video nasopharyngoscope applies technological innovations such as distal chip technology and integrated LED light sources to a completely redesigned configuration crafted around the demands of long FEES exams. The result is brilliant exam images, less fatigue for examiners, and ultimately the highest quality FEES exams.


This turnkey FEES system is an ideal solution for mobile FEES, acute care, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), and more!

  • Integrated high-resolution distal-chip camera with automatic focus function for perfect image clarity throughout the FEES exam

  • 3.8mm flexible nasopharyngoscope with 160° articulation

  • Built-in LED light source rated for over 10,000 hours

  • Custom-configured protective clamshell case integrates processor and Microsoft Surface Book Pro for plug and play functionality

  • ATMOS Capture Suite visualization software for recording and archiving of exam videos/photos with integrated FEES reporting tool


What's Included

The ATMOS FEES Fly is truly a turnkey mobile FEES system, including everything necessary for speech language pathologists to perform fiberoptic endoscopic evaluations of swallowing exams on the go.


The system includes: 

  • ATMOS Scope 3.8mm flexible nasopharyngoscope with integrated distal chip camera and LED light source

  • ATMOS Capture Suite patient archive and recording software with integrated FEES reporting tool

  • Microsoft Surface Pro

  • Aluminum case with removable wheels for ultimate portability and protection

  • Leak tester for flexible nasopharyngoscope (ATMOS Scope)

  • Free tuition to an approved FEES education course

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FEES Training and Competency

ATMOS Inc. firmly believes that to provide the best possible service to your patients, an SLP should have quality equipment in addition to proper training on how to perform Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing exams. With that in mind, ATMOS has partnered with renowned FEES education programs to provide new customers with free tuition to a basic FEES training course included with the cost of your new FEES system. In addition, with our network of FEES education programs we are happy to refer you to more advanced FEES training courses as needed.


While our equipment is a very important part of performing swallowing diagnostics, a well-educated SLP is the best asset a FEES exam can have!

Why the ATMOS FEES Fly?

An SLP Entering an Elevator with the ATMOS FEES Fly Portable FEES System

The ATMOS FEES Fly is a total game-changer for SLPs performing FEES. It has state-of-the art technology for optimal exam quality paired with ergonomics that can be beneficial while performing exams as well as over the course of an SLP’s career. This FEES solution is turnkey and comprehensive, meaning any SLP that orders one will have all they need to perform swallowing studies via FEES from the moment their system is received, and they are trained on how to use it.

So what sets the ATMOS FEES Fly apart? 

  • Ergonomics – German-engineered specifically for SLPs performing FEES exams, the ATMOS Scope features a revolutionary pistol-grip handle designed to reduce day-to-day fatigue from long exam times as well as long-term issues that can arise from holding traditional flexible nasopharyngoscopes.

  • Convenience – All functions on the ATMOS Scope including two pre-programmed buttons and the lever that controls the articulating distal tip of the scope are all within direct reach of the examiner’s fingers and thumb, regardless of hand size. Start and stop recording with ease as well as adjust position without having to readjust grip.

  • Portability – The custom-configured aluminum case with removable wheels provides portability from room to room or location to location, ideal for transportation via car, and also designed to withstand shipping and luggage handling if needed.

  • Reliability – The ATMOS FEES Fly is designed and manufactured in Germany, home to some of the greatest medical technology in the world. Our products are also backed by our US-based service department, specialty-trained by ATMOS engineers in Germany to troubleshoot and fix any potential issues that arise.

  • Image Quality – Our distal-chip ATMOS Scope utilizes a high-resolution CMOS camera chip that captures excellent quality still and video images alike.

  • Software – High-quality exams are invaluable but having quick and easy access to them is just as important. The ATMOS Capture Suite software does all the heavy lifting in that regard, saving your exams in a comprehensive patient database that’s efficient and easy to use.

The ATMOS FEES Fly is backed by the US-based ATMOS Inc. service team. ATMOS Inc. is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality FEES solutions that live a long and useful product lifetime. Our highly-trained service engineers are ready and waiting to support each and every ATMOS Inc. customer, from remote troubleshooting via phone and/or computer, to routine maintenance, to in-person service calls, we stand behind our products and will do everything possible to ensure that any issues that arise are solved quickly and efficiently.

This video features a patient performing multiple swallows over the course of a  FEES exam at a variety of consistencies  as captured by the ATMOS FEES system.

Why FEES?​

Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing is one of the best and most portable ways to assess patients presenting with dysphagia. Whether a patient is having general difficulty swallowing, coughing with the swallow a bolus, or feel like food is sticking in their throat, FEES is an important tool that provides a clear and concise look as to why this oropharyngeal dysphagia is occurring.


ATMOS Inc. understands the importance of FEES exams and has made the combination of portability and high-quality imagery our mission. In our goal to provide the best possible outcomes for the patient, we strive to equip SLPs with the best tools to perform FEES exams anywhere from a patient’s bedside, to an ENT practice, to a skilled nursing facility, and almost anywhere in between.

What is FEES?​

FEES, or Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing, is a procedure used to assess a patient’s ability to swallow, and any potential issues they are having in doing so. Utilizing a distal-chip flexible nasopharyngoscope, the ATMOS FEES Fly provides a transverse view of the pharynx. With this flexible endoscope inserted and positioned above the epiglottis, patients are instructed to swallow normally, and then to consume foods and liquids of various consistencies so that the examiner (typically a speech-language pathologist), can view and record the results of these swallows.


These foods, generally enhanced by food color to dye them and make their presence more easily visible, help the SLP asses swallowing function and inform what could be the root of any issues. After the exam is complete, the SLP can further assess function of the pharyngeal, laryngeal, and tracheal anatomy via video playback of the recorded exam, where they can slow down the video, progress frame by frame, and hone in on any suspected concerns.


In addition, the ATMOS Capture Suite allows for all videos and photos to be archived, so SLPs can compare videos of prior exams and assess how a patient’s treatment is progressing (and if their treatment plan is effective or needs to be reevaluated).

All of this allows for SLP to have the optimal tools and information at their fingertips to assess any swallowing impairments, providing the highest level of patient care with every exam.

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