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ATMOS Fiberscope

For ENT Endoscopy and Swallowing Diagnostics (F.E.E.S.)


The ATMOS Fibers Endoscope enables precise, high-quality visualization of the nasopharynx and a wide field of view.  The handpiece is ergonomically formed and the insertion tube is especially comfortable for the patient. 

Technical Specifications

3.8 mm


12,000 pixels



Deflection Angle

High Resolution despite the Small Diameter

In spite of the insertion tube’s small diameter, a high-resolution image can be displayed thanks to 12,000 high-quality image fibers.


Safe and Easy Reprocessing

Thorough reprocessing of the endoscope is essential for the safety of both patient and user. At the same time, guidelines and the available options must be observed. The ATMOS Fiber Endoscope is suitable for a wide range of manual and mechanical reprocessing methods and can therefore be used both in hospital and in practice environments.


What's Included?

  • ATMOS Fiber Endoscope

  • Leakage Tester

  • Light Guide Cable

  • Transportation Cap

  • Aluminum Case


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