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ATMOS C 11 ENT Treatment Unit

The ENT Workstation Designed Around Efficiency


The Future of ENT Exam Rooms in an Affordable Solution 

The ATMOS C 11 ENT Treatment unit is the smallest of the ATMOS ENT Workstation Product line, but don't mistake its small stature for a lack of power and performance. We've taken all the best features of our larger ENT workstations, like the ATMOS S61 and ATMOS C21/31 and integrated them into a more economically-priced option to provide a wider variety of ENT clinics with the power of ATMOS workplace efficiency.

Designed by our team of German engineers renowned for their focus on innovation and performance, the ATMOS C 11 ENT Treatment Unit is constructed for longevity and workplace efficiency. Unlike the particle board treatment cabinets of the past, the ATMOS C 11 boasts a heavy-duty aluminum frame and high-quality PEP (polyethylene plastic) surfaces, so they can withstand decades of use in even the most demanding ENT clinics.  

The ATMOS C 11 ENT Treatment Unit is affectionately referred to as "The Little Giant" as it is the perfect combination of small footprint and big performance. Looking to bring the future of ENT exam rooms to your clinic? You've come to the right place.


  • Automated Function of Suction, Compressed Air, and LED Light Sources

  • Intuitive Instrument Management System

  • LED Light Source Power Supply

  • Support for Endoscope Storage Sheaths


C 11 - What's Included

The ATMOS C 11 ENT Treatment Unit is a comprehensive and feature-packed solution for ENT exam rooms, private practices, and outpatient departments alike. Every C 11 comes with a robust set of core functions, which can be built upon based on need.

All C 11 Treatment Units come standard with:

  • Three (3) Large Drawers

  • One (1) Small Drawer

  • Suction

  • Compressed Air

  • Compressed Air Handle

  • Straight Sprayer Bottles


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Customizable to Your Needs

DCIM_0037_bearbeitet_freigestellt_bearbeitet_b (1)_edited.png

The ATMOS C 11 ENT Treatment Unit is built around modularity, which allows for a wide variety of options that can be integrated both during initial production and as future add-ons. From expanded storage, to upgraded light source, and even the addition of a full ENT microscope, the ATMOS C 11 can be built specifically to the needs of your practice - nothing more and nothing less.

Upgrade Options Include:

  • Irrigation

  • Endoscope Management

  • Instrument Management

  • Quick Mirror Heater

  • Dirty Instrument Deposit

  • LED Light Source

  • ATMOS iView 21/31 ENT Microscope

  • Much more

The Workplace Efficiency Concept


The idea of "Work Smarter, Not Harder" is widely-accepted around the globe, so why should an ENT treatment room be any different? The ATMOS workplace efficiency concept originated in busy ENT clinics in Germany who only had a few exam rooms to work in, each with a limited amount of space. Expanding these clinics would mean either relocation or construction and renovation, both of which tend to be cost-prohibitive and daunting.


In lieu of taking costly measures to accomplish this and ultimately see more patients, ATMOS has developed a way of providing everything that ENT physician's need to perform their exams, all conveniently-placed within arm’s reach. No need to shuffle patients between different rooms for different procedures, no moving around the room and searching drawers to find the right instrument. We put everything you need right at your fingertips.

Focus on Ergonomics
An ENT’s work can be more physically taxing than meets the eye. The amount of time ENTs spend on their feet, working around their patients, and adapting their bodies to the situation can take a toll, especially in the long run. This can cause a variety of overuse injuries to the back, shoulders, elbows, and knees.

To mitigate this, ATMOS ENT Workstations are designed to allow physicians to do everything required of them from a comfortable, seated position. Instrumentation is easily accessible, suction and compressed air pumps turn on/off when picked up, common medications are conveniently available, and endoscopes are waiting to be used.


On top of that, if positioned properly, the patient chair should allow for the patient to be moved into the perfect position without inconveniencing the physician or moving them away from their workstation. An optimally-constructed ENT exam room should allow for everything to revolve around the physician, not the other way around.


More Patients, Less Time
As ENT physicians in Germany began utilizing this concept, they began to notice that their average exam times dropped, as they could quickly and easily address a majority of their patients' needs without leaving to get additional instruments/supplies or having to wait until a treatment room opened up to perform certain treatments.


Ultimately, this enabled the physicians to book more patients throughout the day - Providing both better quality exams AND a greater quantity of patients seen.

As reimbursement rates continue to shrink, and costs of expansion continue to rise in ENT clinics across the country, the ATMOS Workplace Efficiency Model has proven to help physicians increase revenue by seeing more patients in less time. 


With over 140 years of experience engineering medical devices to improve patient care and provide higher-quality outcomes for physicians around the world, ATMOS prides itself on expertise and innovation to offer our customers the best solutions available.

ATMOS Inc. keenly understands the importance of ENT Treatment Units and the role they play in the everyday operation of ENT clinics throughout the US, which is why we've made it our mission to not only provide the most innovative solutions on the market, but pair it with our white-glove customer service to keep them running at peak performance for decades to come.

Keep your C 11 working at its best - Ask about our preventative maintenance packages today!

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